Knowledge buffet - all you can eat and learn


The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF ) has chosen "Seas and Oceans" as the theme for the Year of Science 2016*17. Wissenschaft im Dialog (WiD) has launched a university competition in which young scientists from all disciplines were invited to develop ideas and projects on the theme of the Year of Science.

Philipp Schrögel from the junior research group "Science In Presentations" in our department submitted his project "Knowledge Buffet - all you can eat and learn" and was successful. It was selected as one of 15 by a jury and awarded prize money of 10,000 euros for its implementation.

Objective of the project

The everyday lives of people living in areas far from the coast offer few direct links to the topic of "seas and oceans". There is one exception: the sea as a supplier of fish and other foodstuffs. This aspect, with its many challenges (e.g. overfishing, pollution) but also opportunities (e.g. algae as food, sustainable fish farms), will be discussed in an innovative format with experts and citizens: As a lunch or dinner event, a meal will be combined with presentations and discussions.

The events will take place in a "running sushi" restaurant with a conveyor belt. Alternating dishes and cards with illustrations or texts will be placed on the conveyor belt. In this way, citizens can take away not only culinary snacks but also "information snacks". A series of short presentations will further deepen the topics. The dishes are specially prepared for the event, e.g. sustainably caught fish or algae.

Competition page and blog about the project