Gruppenfoto Lehrstuhl ALAndré Weiß / Klara Laue
Science communication with a focus on linguistics

The investigation of linguistic action in the practice of science journalism, science PR and other fields of science communication is one of the focal points of this chair. Linguistic negotiation processes about science in digitally mediated communication are an important research topic for us.

Gruppenfoto Lehrstuhl MLMelanie Leidecker-Sandmann
Science communication in digital media

Since 2015, the Chair has dedicated its research and teaching to the possibilities and limits of appropriate and comprehensible communication of scientific knowledge to society. The disciplinary basis of the chair is communication science, which sees itself as a theoretical and empirical social science with interdisciplinary references.

Banner LS PostBeate Kühner
Science communication with a focus on impact/transfer

We research and teach on the opportunities and risks of science communication in polarized social controversies, e.g. the debates on the regulation of genome editing, climate change, digitalization and more.